News Flash: The Woobat have come!

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News Flash: The Woobat have come! Empty News Flash: The Woobat have come!

Post by PokeCutie on Sat Mar 10, 2012 11:50 am

Professor Redwood: Ah, it's this time of year again. Every March a flock of Woobat fly in to the region of their choice, and the've chosen Denton! Amazing! Our team of younger Pokemon hunters have taken the honor the capture as many as they can, and the've caught a woo-derful twenty! Everyonecan take one per week, and their completly free! Now, Jack is getting better, but Jenny has got this covered. So, why don't you get to it and stop at the shelter!

Jenny Jackson: Yep, I'll take care of all the fuffy goodness! You just stop by and we'll hook you up with a cutie of your own!

(Feel free to comment on this awesome annoucement! Feedback is always welcome!)

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