The Offical PBC Roleplay Rules and Character Template

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The Offical PBC Roleplay Rules and Character Template Empty The Offical PBC Roleplay Rules and Character Template

Post by PokeCutie on Sat Mar 10, 2012 1:27 pm

Well, before you begin the fun of the Roleplay we have here, you need a character, and before you do that, you need to read the rules! Here they are!

1. No Godmodding, which is becoming overly powerful, and having an unfair advantage

2. No bunnying, which is taking control of someone else's character, be it controling what they say, do, think, ect.

3. Proper grammer and punctuation please. NoNe oF tHiS, OR THIS, or Razz, or txt speak (LoL, JK, and the like.), or *He picks up the box and opens it*. I can understand a few spelling mistakes, but if you can, please spellcheck! (I can understard spelling or gramatical errors on people talking, like having someone say, JK or say things that don't make sense. Anything you can to get into character is fine, as long as it's only in thoughts and speaking)

4. No killing other characters. NPCs, or Pokemon. This one's pretty simple. No explaining needed, am I right?

5. NPCs can be used by anyone. Just keep 'em in character. Making up minor ones are fine, like store clerks or random townies, but others, like Pokemon trainers or major characters in a roleplay that isn't yours should be PMed to a staff member or for the latter, the creator of the roleplay.

6. Type Masters are like the Gym Leaders of the Roleplay. To use them, please contact a staff member. Do the same if you want to challenge one. Smile

7. Catching Pokemon is allowed, but you can only do it when one of these conditions are met:

A) You contact a staff member asking for a Pokemon capture and you have at lease one Pokeball, and they tell you what Pokemon you can catch

B) A staff member randomly contacts you saying you can catch the Pokemon they say, and you have a Pokeball

C) You obtain a Pokemon in the PBC, and you can play that out freely without any limitations, as long as you don't go overboard.

8. Your character can't be a Mary Sue, which, in other words, a perfect character, overpowered with no flaws. Now, I'll let interesting characters, with slight powers, or very interesting pasts. This goes extremely well if you obtain a legendary Pokemon or two. (Note: Legendaries are sugested to be caught in a whole roleplay designed for your character to capture it.)

9. Hhhhhhhhaaaaaavvvvvveeeeeee Fuuuuuuuunnnnnnnn!!!!!!!! (Yay for exagerations!. ^^)

Now, sorry for all those rules. Now is where you get to start your creative and fun journey! Here's the formfor where you create your character~! Just follow the forms, and you'll be fine!

Name: Your character name. First is needed (Also the name of the topic). Last is strongly recommended, and is needed unless you have a have a good enough excuse! (I still don't want to see everyone with just a first name.)

Age: 10-18 Smile Simple!

Gender: Male/Female.

Appearance: This is one of the three big sections. The first, the appearance, detemines what your character looks like. I don't just want to see a picture. Describe the picture if you put one in. IF you don't, go into detail on EVERYTHING! Put it into paragraphs if you have to! One for the general appearance, another for main outfut, and more for each other outfit! Please, don';t just say "So-and-so wears a yellow shirt and jeans". Put something like, "So-and-so wears a stained yellow shirt with a slight tear on the frunt, and patched up, dirty jeans". Also, if you give your charactrer a single dress as an outfit (not like I'd suggest it), make sure you have your character actually wear it (like, say, have trouble running). There are a lot of different climates in this world, so I'd suggest a swimsuit, winter clothes, and a light outfit. (Also, no Gijinkas or Anthros.)

Personality: The second as the three big sections is the personality. Basically, how your character acts. This is big, so pick something that you really want. What kind of your traits does your character have/ Is he or she mean sprited, or loves to help others. If he or she stupid, or very artistc? Does he/she love Pokemon? What's his or her outlook on life? You need to put in both sides of the personality, though. No one is perfect, everyone has quirks and downsides to their personality. I'd suggest a paragraph in their overview, another for pros and cons, and another for likes and dislikes. You don't have to do exactly that, though.

History: I need a couple paragraophs here. Just explain your character's life as good as you can. How did he or she meet the pokemon he or she owns?
What made him or her go on this adventure? Did anything interesting happen? Had anyone died? What is her home like? Is he or she rich? Put everything down here, in order. Note: Everyone starts in Applewood, but could of moved there from another region.

List your PBC Pokemon only that your trainer has. Then fill out this form for each one.

(Sprite goes here)
Personality: Doesn't have to be long.

Class: Trainer, Co-ordinator, or both.

Everyone starts with...
10 Pokeballs
An iPokedex in the color of choice
10 Potions
1 Badge Case
1 Trainer Card
1 Pokemon Guidebook
You can also add other items, but don't go overboard.

Powers: You can have minor magic powers, or something different, like eyes changing color, but I may have to tell you what you can and cannot have.

Other: Anything else?

And thats it! Post it, wait to be accepted, and enjoy!

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